ATF Livermore Script

ATF Livermore Script is an even-textured interpretation of an old American Type Founders typeface, with a pronounced slant and restrained swash caps. It is in the style of script faces used in advertising in the early 1900s, and draws on traditions of 19th-century sign painting.

Livermore Script’s consistent, insouciant rhythm is neither awkward nor amateur-looking, yet retro in a hipsterish sort of way. In other words, it’s funky but not downright dorky.

ATF Livermore Script is ideal for gastropub logos, microbrew labeling, and T-shirts that have words on them.

To add to its nostalgic feel, ATF Livermore Script also comes in two distressed styles: Rough No. 1 and Rough No. 2, which reproduce the effects of crude printing or weathering. The fonts include a stylistic set with alternate ascenders for a less fancy look.

Charles H. Beeler, American Type Founders, circa 1896.
Mark van Bronkhorst, Igino Marini, & Ben Kiel, 2019